Fumiko Kawa

I love fashion but I am not graduate from any well known nor have chance to undergo any official fashion education channel like : Bunka Fashion College, London College of Fashion, Central Saint Martins...etc

Started a fashion blog had been my first fashion exploration, journey... explore deeper and deeper into fashion...

My blog had reach 10k+ page views/month, 6 months after my 1st post and growing...

20k before my blog 1st anniversary : p

it's not very impressive compare with others, but it's been a huge encouragement for me... T_T

My dream...

Become a fashion designer who could contribute to the fashion world and have my design pieces walk down the runway in :

Japan Fashion Week(JFW) / TGC (Tokyo Girls Collection), my personal ultimate fashion goal ^^v




New York

My passion...

Drive me from zero in fashion till now, I love to learn, anything about fashion, art, design, photography, make-ups, trend forecast, styling and etc.

Currently stay in Singapore/Malaysia, having my first sewing machine as my first step try to redesign and create fashion pieces by myself and collaborating with some fashion labels.

Doesn't know when will reach my goal, but I know I am one step closer than I was yesterday.

A dream will always just be a dream if you never walk out the first step...

Your attitude will determine your creation......