Jan van Elst

Santorini - Greece

Born and raised in Holland, growing up in a happy family, my parents were able to give me a good education, including dancing- and sailing lessons, boyscouts, being out in nature, going on holidays in the Swiss mountains from my 10th birthday on and I decided to move definitely to Switzerland in 1974 after completing my training as a radiographer.
Here i started working in different hospitals and got married to a Swiss woman. After 10 years of marriage with no kids we devorced.
Tired of bad weather and looking for changes after working as a photographer, lithographer, public relations assistent and sailor, I decided to move on to Patras - Greece in 1995 where I started working as a graphic artist.
After 3 years i moved to the green village of Kaminia, just 13 kms. outside Patras, 50 mtrs. from the sea and close to "my" mountains where i lived for 13 years and worked from home for clients in the prefecture of Achaia. Since work "died down" in June 2012 I decided to move to the gorgeous island of Santorini in the South Aegean where i live and work untill now.

  • Work
    • at home. as a graphist