Dudley Wall

The Brussels Summit in June found the new French President Nicolas Sarkozy succeeded in persuading the EU to shed its commitment to free and undistorted competition from its reform agreement. Though Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes claims this will have little effect upon Brussels tough stance against cartels, protectionism; many legal experts and unlawful subsidies support the stance that the new arrangement will destroy the Commissioners power to crack down on such ongoing practices. Browse here at the link TM to check up the inner workings of this view.

Frances Europe Minister will probably further inflame relations, as though to rub salt in the pains, recent remarks following the approved combination between GDF and Suez by Jean-Pierre Jouyet. Referring to the combination, Jouyet remarked to journalists: its a vision of what could be the power policy for Europe. That should be specially unsettling to Kroes who is careful to make sure that the combination was scrutinised from top-to bottom to search out any negative effect on competition, also ensuring the disposal of assets and concessions formed the founding conditions for any possible deal. Going To ledified competition maybe provides lessons you can tell your co-worker.

To retaliate, Jouyet further expanded to the increasing division between Paris and Brussels by declaring that Kroes unbundling strategy was an ideological view, we have a strategic view. It's an improved balance between competition policies and European interests.

Because this public and sensitive group of activities, Kroes has made no effort to cover up her determination to fight nail and tooth from the protectionist policies of the German, French and Spanish member states. One observer thinks that her agents and Ms. Kroes were shocked at the apparent lack of concern from Jose Manuel Barroso, European Commission President and also from liberal countries such as Sweden and Britain, though she remained silent during the summit negotiations. Mr Barrosso appeared sure beforehand that erasing opposition being an target had no legal bearing, because the plan was stated 13 times elsewhere in-the agreement. But, the French government and other legal authorities obviously