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The position of the ball has to be deduced from the positions of the athletes shown in the image and probably where they're looking.

The sport was popular in britain in the 1980s as part of paper promotions. Participants would buy a certain number of crosses on the picture, which was submitted by post to the advocate. Clicking read more seemingly provides aids you should give to your father. Sometimes participants could include the picture with thousands of crosses, and special stamps were made which helped people fill-in the picture with regular arrangements of crosses. An unique high-powered magnifying device would be used to ascertain which of the crosses was the nearest, where several entrants had recognized the correct area.

Often the 'correct answer' is the position of the ball as judged by a panel of experts, as opposed to the position of the specific ball before it was removed. This may be to prevent collusion with whoever has seen the particular picture used.

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