Taylor Stern

1. Never miss meals you could regret it later that hour.

2. Park your vehicle accessibly close.

3. Dont park in timed areas (2 hour, etc.) parking over-time adds up.

4. Dont park in No Parking zones parking tickets accumulate and have to be paid before next semesters enrollment.

5. Dont park in Tow-away locations towing costs are difficult to come by.

6. Simply take the bus.

7. A fine-point Sharpie is the greatest thing to make use of for signing autographs.

8. A fine-point Sharpie is the best thing to use for signing casts.

9. A fine-point Sharpie is the best thing to use for signing Im a friend when you need one cards.

10. Staplers can be utilized to fix the hem on your jeans.

1-1. Staplers can't be used to fix a torn gown or bra strap.

1-2. Addition removers make great ice tongs for tiny ice cubes.

1-3. Addition removers are very nearly worthless for removing heavy-duty staples, if they are in paper or your drunk roommates eyeball.

1-4. The smell of the contents of a laundry bag is proportional to the height of the visitor you just brought in your dorm room compared to where the bag is hanging. The shorter the guest, the larger the case has to hold (smells increase).

1-5. The scent of the contents of a laundry bag gets worse as the contents get larger in the bag.

1-6. You will find two alternatives to the odor of the contents of the washing bag:

a. Wash the clothes.

b. Buy new clothes.

D. Using the clothes home for the weekend for Mama to wash isn't an option!!

1-7. When you yourself have to produce a chart for Geography course, make it color-coded.

18. The time and additional expense of a color-coded information is going to be worth the effort whenever you see the An on the paper.

19. RoseArt makes the prints and colored pencils for making maps for Geography course.

20. Crayola prints keep going longer and are most likely deeper, but given that they all dry eventually and youll need to buy still another set next session for the Anthropology charts, why waste the money now?

21. Wal-Mart is the greatest position to purchase school materials, towels with the University logo, and sweatshirts with the school emblem in it.

2-2. Costs for EVERYTHING in the college bookstore are seriously inflated showing a pro-fit to the