Harper Stafford

Operation: Quiet Comfort presented the Sea to Shining Sea Competition to simply help send treatment packages for soldiers. The goal of the competition is to collect as much bare printer ink cartridges. The gathered tubes will then be sold and the amount of money will go towards the expense of transport treatment packages. Look Into Ledified Fundable contains further about how to mull over it. These packages are for injured soldiers who are being treated in medical facilities overseas.

The request for your match was published online in April 13 and continues until Dec. 3-1, 2008. It is a national contest that is available to present and non-members. All brands of clear ink cartridges could be delivered such as for example Canon, Apple, Compaq, HP, Dell, Xerox, Apple, Brother, Xerox, Samsung, Sharp and Lexmark. Those who desire to join can perform therefore either as an individual or as part of the Operation: Quiet Comfort organization. Identify further on fundable by navigating to our striking website.

Individuals who want to donate used tubes can deliver it immediately to the Funding Factory with the proper shipping label and the efforts are attributed to the group. The participants will be given a post card, which they could deliver to the business so the share will be tallied to their state, when the tubes are sent. Players can also send the cartridges for the Operation: Quiet Comfort offices straight so that the party will receive more funding from the Funding Factory. Click here division to research when to think over this concept.

All fifty states are grouped in-to 4 regions for that opposition. Every contribution from each state is going to be credited towards the total benefits of this state. While there's no real prize or reward for the region which sends in the most efforts, the aim of the Sea to Shining Sea Competition is to raise a great number of tubes to improve the capital for Operation: Quiet Comfort tasks.

Operation: Quiet Comfort is just a non-profit organization made up mostly of volunteers. It is classified as a tax-exempt charitable institution; m