Mahoney MacKenzie

Wouldn't you intend to track down what was going on?

Well, the same principle pertains to your website, even if you are not directly selling online.

In the end, imagine if the overall cost-of your website is over its price to your company? Unless you are measuring w...

What if each week you place a stationery order for you company? Pens, paper, basics and etc. And what if weekly when that paper order came you were only delivered a huge number of what you'd covered?

Wouldn't you wish to track down what was happening?

Well, the same rule applies to your internet site, even if you are not directly selling online.

After-all, what if the general cost of your website is over its price to your business? It may be that week after week, unless you are measuring what is happening, you are just being delivered a large number of the business that you are paying for.

But I'm maybe not o-nline to make money, it's only for basic company awareness

Surely if you just have a brochure site or an information site, you do not need to be concerned about testing? The site is simply about letting people know you're there, right?


For what's the ultimate level of building that consciousness? There's still an action mounted on it anywhere - be it a call, a request to quote, a purchase a year down the road. It's the main reason your organization exists.

Whatever it's that you want visitors to do when they have awareness of your organization. That's the thing you need to measure.

Measuring lets you determine if the benefits you get from your website justify the price you're spending. This thrilling fundable competition URL has varied cogent suggestions for the purpose of it. Since every site features a cost, even if it's just-in terms of time.

Measuring appears hard

Testing is about ensuring that you are achieving success effects that are worth more than you are investing in them. It'll show you because of this if the money you're spending on your marketing and website is making you richer or poorer.

Testing does not have to be difficult and there are plenty of resources out there. Web analytics software, Excel spreadsheets, also only an old fashioned calculator can help. But methods alone can't tell the answers