fundamental sharif

Student and SEO Expert in Dhaka, Bangladesh

fundamental sharif

Student and SEO Expert in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Hello, I am Mohammad Shahidul Islam Sharif. I am known as “Fundamental Sharif” in the virtual area. Though this “Fundamental Sharif” name is not given by my parents but this name carries a lot of emphasis in my life. The word ‘Fundamental’ before my name is just only a word to most of the people but this simple word means a lot to me. This word is like a driving power, a fuel to me and to my life. This ‘fuel’ has changed my life, its path and its meaning. At first there was no specific reason behind obtaining this name. The “Mental” prefix after the word “Fundamental” gave me a lot of fun and encourage me in choosing the name… :p

I am the second child of my parents. My elder sister is studying in Dhaka University. My father is an immigrant and my mother is a housewife. Now I am living in Dhaka which is considered as one of the most density populated cities in the world. I was born on 14 December, 1992 at a small town of Comilla. But my parents gradually moved out at Dhaka when I was 2.

My academic life started from the kindergarten right beside my house. Afterwards, my primary school life spent on “Kadamtala Purbo Bashaboo Secondary High School” which is now known as “KPB Secondary High School”. My higher secondary life was spent in Dhaka College, one of the famous college in Dhaka. At present I am having my high school carrier in Dhaka City College at Department of Business Administration.

I like to gossip most. Beside this, I loved to read to story books. I won the “Bishwa- Shahitto Prize” Consecutively 4 times when I was a school boy. Beside this I like to read newspaper explore new things and surf virtual word of Internet. I am also a very good listener and first learner.

At present I am working with SEO in website like Upwork, Guru and Fiverr. Beside that I am making Bengali tutorials relating SEO in YouTube. I am also making funny interesting videos for my YouTube channel. The main purpose of making video is to have fun after seeing them after 8/10 years. Again I am writing a few books and also trying to establish a business of my own.

I like to dream because, “We are some dreamful people who lives to dream in this dreamland named world. We live when we dream, we die when our dream dies.”

I like to be honest in each and every stage of my life. I truly believe that

· Each and every person have some fundamental characteristics prevailing in them.

· I know who I am and how I am.

· Honesty is the only way through which one can achieve his success.