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Fundeas, Inc has been bringing ideas to the next level since July 2013. We help artists and entrepreneurs use what they have to create what they need to have a successful venture.

Everyday, people have great ideas that could enhance the lives of many. However, several of these ideas never make it off the drawing board due to various challenges, from start-up to sustainability.

Fundeas offers an array of solutions to get, and keep, your project running. Our team of experienced and highly skilled consultants, marketers, project managers and recruiters work together to explore options and opportunity often overlooked, undiscovered, or unconsidered throughout the planning process. Additionally, Fundeas facilitates a fast-growing, full-service marketing agency based in Bridgeport, CT. Our portfolio of services includes branding campaigns, crowdfunding, field marketing, event planning, production and management; collateral development, design and production; online and digital marketing and PR.

It's been said, Fundeas is like Shark Tank meets Bar Rescue with a splash of Flip That House. Every plan is different. We tailor our services to both the business and the owners, with emphasis on industry, culture and goals.

You have great ideas. Let's Fund them to Life.