Elisa Lou

New York, New York USA

The profiler is an online marketer of the Fundinggates Company. A website that based on New York, New York. The profile owner always believe that credibility really varies on the nature of her job. And the so called credibility will only gain if the marketers can able to deliver and relay a factual information to the client. Thus, she also believes that being a web marketer takes skill and knowledge. Marketer must have skill on how to deal with different kind of individual. The marketer should also be knowledgeable because the profiler believes that "You can not share what you don't have". Sharing knowledge comes to those who have pile of knowledge.

Marketing is always her favorite thing to do, aside from dealing with people, she also loves to deal with business. Tackling with accounts receivable management , is one of her favorite topic to discuss with.

Fundinggates is an online page that offer software that could make easy lives to many entrepreneurs. Providing debt collection software capable of collecting receivables like collection agency and debt collection agency is their specialization. The website aims to provide quality software to every entrepreneurs. The Fundinggates aims not only to profit but also help small business to reach their goal as a business.