Christie Marsh

Central Coast of California

It's true... I am fun, fit and fearless and I am also in my forties. I haven't always been this way. I was on a pretty destructive path after my divorce in 2010. I was depressed and didn't even want to get out of bed. i wasn't eating properly (pretty much surviving on a few handfuls of candy a day), wasn't getting enough physical activity and I had turned to some pretty bad habits to help me deal with stress. Plus, I was flat broke and barely getting by. But thank God I found my passion. What is my passion? Health and fitness and helping others through health and fitness. How did I find my passion? Through Beachbody. I am now a Beachbody Coach. I am now focused on myself, my health, my goals and my dreams... and wow oh wow, do I have BIG DREAMS. Not just health and fitness goals, or financial goals, but every goal for everything I want in this lifetime. Through excellent leadership, I have found the leader in me and I have all of the ammunition to get to where I need to be. Why? Because I have focused on changing me first. Being my authentic self. Loving myself through the same guidance and personal development that has helped my mentors change thier lives. And now I can help you achieve your goals and change your life. Friend me on Facebook (Christie Crupper) and Twitter (@ChristieLove777). You can also find me on Instagram at Funfearlessfit girl. Follow my blog on Wordpress (funfearlessfitgirl - currently under construction). I'm looking forward to getting to know you and helping you with your goals!

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    • Independent Beachbody Coach