Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii ᵔᴥᵔ i know ur excited now, to read things bout me, haha i'm trying to be lovely with you, so let's get started *smiles*

i am raghad but people call me *rgdah or rghoda or rara* :3 so call me maybe, i'm a muslim cutey girl hehe◕‿◕ i'm half syrian nd half saudi, and I'm a coward -.- i hate DARKS it makes me Scare T,T i loooooove GAMES hehe i like video games, xbox, sport games, phone's games, and DOLL *O* i have a great lovely family :) think more & tallk less" nice things and feeling* loved, special, funny, crazy, weird in a good way, wanted, lovely :)* beautiful in my way 'Cuz god makes no mistakes' i have a nice curly hair XD and i'm lazy and i know it.

and me loves FOOD like CRAZY XD when i eat my favorite food i be the happiest woman in the world ♥

what i don't like.. ☼

movies, cleanin, studyin, i don't like kabsa XD its make me sick.., tea or coffee....

i dream to fucking much, i do nothing in my life but yea i'm still a little kid. and never give up XD never eveeerrr. am kindly ღ

what i like and what i like to do.. ∞ :D

cookies, Coke, drawin, fashion, shoppin, singing, dancing, running, doin make up, reading, cooking, take picx, summer, swimming, actin, iphone 4s, doing new stuff...

my wish to be Photographer ❤

my favorite food and Restaurant..

mama's food *o* and Restaurant: pizza hut, applebee's, MAC, and i forget what else.

and now ma dream guy ∞

wear glasses :B, six packs and muscles, funny , crazy mind , play video games , know how to dance ^o^, as my age :D , brown short hair , not romance, love to prank T_T love to travel , taller then me, open minded, not nswnje, wakes me while he's singin, let me wear his clothes v,v

well, i'm still beying written ma story.. i hope u enjoyed ^.^ love u all....

استغفر الله ....... :]