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When it comes to creating games, especially game jam titles where you have a time restriction, there are definitely some genres that people seem to think are easier to create. One of these genres are ‘arcade games’. Arcade games are a type of game genre that covers fast-paced games that require hand-eye coordination skill to play without much story or strategy elements present in the game. These types of games have been around for a long time - back into the days of having to go to cabinets in arcades to play games, which is where the name comes from.

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Hearkening to the days of dark rooms and flashing cabinets, arcade games are easy to start playing, but quickly get too addicting to stop. Destroy cities with sharks, launch rockets into space or destroy strange aliens in a powerful spaceship – no quarters required!

Arcade game ticket dispenser are particularly popular in game jams, where developers need to produce a fun experience in a short space of time. An arcade game can be played reasonably quickly as well, so when it comes to voting for a winner in game jams, the players will be able to get a good feel of the game without spending too much time playing it. These types of games are wildly popular on mobile devices where people are only playing on the device for a brief amount of time.

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