F.U.N Live

Disco's All Over The World

F.U.N Live

Disco's All Over The World

As featured on the massive TV advertised 'Hard Dance Anthems' album!

F.U.N is the groundbreaking live show concept from Sam & Deano (formerly the Tidy DJs). Over the last year F.U.N has quickly established itself with main stage shows at some of the biggest Hard Dance arenas across the globe with clubbers quickly warming to the F.U.N ethos of having a damn good time with Sam & Deano intent on making sure everyone in the club is rocking as much as they are!

Taking things onto the next level of performance, F.U.N (F##ked Up Nonsense) is a quick fire, party 'Mash Up' show like no other which seamlessly blends past, present and future anthems from the full spectrum of Dance music and beyond, all remixed, edited, mashed and smashed LIVE on stage incorporating the very latest technology at their disposal which includes:

Abelton Live 8.0 / Traktor Kontrol S4 / Akai APC40 Midi Controller / Traktor F1 Controller / 2 Macbook Pro's / DJM 800 Mixer / 2 CDJ 1000's / 4 Ears / 3 Bollocks

"Sam & Deano have created something completely New, unique and defiantly F.U.N!!!

You see allot of artists just using laptops these days and trying to jump on the 'Live' bandwagon when really it's the laptop doing the work for them, but after seeing the amount of preparation the lads put into the show and the diversity of there equipment -coupled with the reaction they get from the clubbers, makes it extremely easy for me to continue to re-book them.

To sum the show up in my opinion – Not only are these guys masters at generating the very best Atmosphere, there also the best Value for Money act in Hard Dance. FACT."

Jimmy Dean - Head Of Events @ Storm, UK

"They've proven to be big crowd pleasers at every event they've played at for me. Sam and Deano's FUN live sets are guaranteed to have the crowd asking for more"

David Doherty - Parlez-vous? Promoter, UK

With their F.U.N tidy Mash Up disc featured on the TV advertised 'Hard Dance Anthems' album released onto mainstream along with several other album projects in the pipeline, it seems 2013 is going to be one hell of a F.U.N filled year!

Forthcoming F.U.N:

22nd December: IDEAL Launch, Opera House, Bournemouth

26th December: Insomniacz, Magna, Sheffield

31st December: Passion vs Storm, Emporium, Coalville

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