Funnel Fest

Entertainer in Belmont, Ohio

Funnel Fest

Entertainer in Belmont, Ohio

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Funnel Fest was created in 1997 at Ashland University and moved to Jamboree In The Hills in 1999. Valley View Campgrounds has been the home of Funnel Fest since 2000. Originally, the tournament was a 64 man bracket and a 32 female bracket. In 2006 (due to time constraints), it became a 32 person co-ed bracket.

What is Funnel Fest?

Funnel Fest is a PARTY/Tournament held every year during "Jamboree In The Hills" and is held at Valley View Campgrounds on Friday at 12 noon. Pre-Party warm-up starts around 11:00 a.m.

Two competitors square off in the ring and funnel a 12 oz. beer of their choice. The faster competitor advances to the next round and the losers are eliminated from the tournament.

There are three referees (officials) in the ring to determine the winner. Once competitors reach the Final Four of the tournament, it becomes a 24 oz. funnel (two 12 ounce Beers). In the event of a tie (and they do happen), the bout will go into overtime and the contestants are required to funnel again.

Funnel Fest is also an interactive party that includes intro music ( ), props, an aisle way to the ring, an All-American Parade, a Final Four celebration, and custom made shirts/merchandise.

Our objective is to kickstart Friday and give everyone a place to party prior to taking in the Friday night concerts at the Jamboree In The Hills venue. Our mantra has always been "Are We Having Fun-nel Yet?" This is a BYOB event. So, bring a cooler (funnels are optional) with plenty of beer and be prepared to take in the show.