John Howard


Hmm, where should i start? Well i used to to rollerblade, for a very long-time in fact. I almost became pro until i realised that there there was hardly any money in the sport; it yielded some of the most fun parts of my life so far but, I could'nt see myself doing in it for the rest of my life.

I have always loved computers. This has always been my hobby ever since the persistent crapiness of my dads computer in the early 'naughtys' and the need to run flash games . This lead me to expand my knowledge on computer systems.

Of course this was purely for my gain which has resulted in the strive to give something back to the community. I set up a photography tips website which is simply there to give my insight in to long exposure photography ( a long standing hobby of mine too) and also an insight into how I went about taking the small number of photographs that I have put online. Photographs of which, have been copied tens of thousands of times.

To further spread fun and creativity on the internet, I created which is a picture and videos sharing websites, completly independent. It allows people to upload content that they enjoy. All completely governmentally free.

I have more plans in the future!

New project for documentaries:

New project that will strip out HTML tags for you.

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