Fura International

9224 Chestnut Ave. Franklin Park, Illinois 60131

As people we go about our day without actually realizing the behind the scene effort that is required to keep the world moving. The products that we are proud to provide are designed to do just that; Move the World Forward.

I will take you on a journey to see how we are intertwined in everything that exists. We begin in the mining fields of India, where the raw materials are mined, our pumps help dewater those very mines. Those raw materials are shipped to Indiana to be created into steel, our pumps help in many of those processes. That steel is then shipped to the construction site to build a laboratory, our pumps will help heat the building. That laboratory will produce medication, our pumps will help create that medicine. That medicine treats a child that eventually gets healthy.

The pumps and/or pumping packages that we design help do some of the vital things that keep our world moving in an efficient and effective way. Our work can be seen in the food processing plants that create the cereals that you eat for breakfast. Our pumps help people get heat on a freezing day. We are integrated in the power generation plants across the world that provide electricity to millions of people. These very pumps keep our cities from flooding.

In effect, we are a vital component in what is required to help keep the world moving. So we come to our Mission Statement:

We will stand by our products and provide a superior service to our customers. We will attempt to find the best solutions available. Together, with our equipment and your processes, we will move the world forward in every direction!