Alyssa Meme

Don't call me Alyssa unless you know me (if you are in phone-chan u call me Alyssa aight)If you don't know me and your new call me Furby.Okay so um I'm pansexual.I'm pangender.Any pronouns are fine :>-I may post nsfw.I spam alot. I draw alot.Dont fucking touch my memes. Don't tag me in the fucking things that are like "REPOST AND TAG UR FRIEND IF THEY DONT REPOST THEY ARENT TRUE FRIENDS" even tho I don't even fucking know you

Warnings,May post offensive/triggering content.I'm really annoying.I say sorry and okay alot.sorry if I vent out my feelings.yea

List of cuties

•Sky•Abby•Mema•Emily•Elissa•Vixy•Austin•Brooklynn•Livvy•Megan•you•you•oh look•you.•sorry if I forget you

Things I like-Birds.Bunnies.any fucking animal u throw at fandoms.Phone-Chan (my Skype group).My only friend irl that I can hug (Brooklynn).my children (ppl that r on the cutie list).memes.mmmmmm yes.r u feeling it now mr krabs.oh

K thank bye