Furever loves


"I want to open a Zoo in Greenland and house all kind of animal in the whole world!" My love for animal started at the age 0 year old. Yes! New born, I grew up with a Japanese Spitz, Snobby, fighting for attention, biting and all you can think of. Followed by Poodle-Mimi & Pomerian-Qiqi. They spent their good dog years with my family & me. It took us some time to overcome the lost of our last Princess Qiqi before having the new Prince Toto. Toto is a male toy poodle born on 6 Jun 2013 Gemini. Love: tummy rub, treats, toy, mum & dad, hug, kiss, walk, games, training :) Hate: Scary mask, alone, playpen, scolding. stay tuned to www.fureverloves@wordpress.com on more pet related topic, grooming tips, Toto's growing process