Mik Furie

Mik Furie is a blogger from the United Kingdom who writes this page entirely using his mobile phone (currently a Samsung Galaxy SII), with the single aim of having it look indistinguishable from a PC users' blog, and better wherever possible. He believes that ideas are like viruses and will do the mind harm if left to fester, and has been steadily infecting hundreds of people with his ideas since 2007 when he started this page. In 2001 he was voted funniest person on the internet by three separate community sites due to his sarcastic, cynical and self-referential style of egotistical humour.

Mik is an unashamed video game player, from the days when you were meant to be ashamed, with a penchant for Role Playing Games and Survival Horrors, and has written several well received articles on the subject. He is a guest editor on several of the groups in this community, offering opinion pieces, features and even some design expertise to them. He has been on the web with his mobile phone since that became fashionable, and for almost a decade before that, being known as the future of mobile computing before anyone was really sure what that future was.

Mik grudgingly lives in the East Midlands ungrudgingly with his much loved long-term partner and a fast growing collection of bad movies. He has recently rediscovered chocolate covered pretzels and Toffifee as shown by his steadily increasing girth. Having recently given up smoking easily, he is sure that his one true addiction is coffee, a substance he cannot live without as proven by a medical certificate that he carries with him in case of emergency. He has written several letters to leading instant coffee producers asking them to distribute their product in intravenous drip form.