vanessa kelsey

Student in Germany

vanessa kelsey

Student in Germany

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i'm vanessa kelsey (call me nessa or kels)

16 y/o (bday; 21.10.)

pronouns;; she/her

hello i believe that every ow character deserves love

i live in germany

request only if you want to be friends with me/interact with me

my faves : asami sato, widowmaker, symmetra, gabriel reyes, toko fukawa, mari ohara, umi sonoda, kotoko utsugi, angie yonaga, nephren ruq insania, miu iruma, kaito momota

my fav shows/games/fandoms: overwatch, love live and danganronpa (especially ndrv3, dr:ae and sdr2)

my fave manga: kimi ni todoke, bsd, kuzu no honkai

my fave ships: tracer x widowmaker, mitsunoa, klance

don't follow if.. hate one of my friends hate rants're homophobic're racist won't talk to me spy on me or something claim characters's okay if you have kins but DON'T get angry at me for having a friend that likes the same character (yes things like that happen) rant about mahiru hiiragi 24/7 bc she did nothing wrong!!

other accounts:



LLSIF JP: 277727382 (i needed to restart bc my rank 355 and my rank 86 acc got deleted)


rabbit: dm me first

overwatch (battle tag): dm me first