my name is virginia, i’m 17 years old.

this extra info isn’t just an ‘about me’ page, but something i really wanted to write down, like i love cartoons and coke at 3:00 am, or that i just cannot use the upper-case because i think it looks ugly on a webpage.

apart from coke and cartoons, i love spending time in my house (place i like the most), and desserts are my favourite thing on earth. since i have insomnia, i’m used to eating those sweet things at midnight and no, i’m not as fat as you are imagining i am.

sometimes i read, sometimes i watch series, sometimes i just stare at the ceiling for hours. i like sweet melodies, like lullabies, but if i am in the mood, i could totally do a soad sing along.

i’m in love with languages, my mother tongue is spanish and i’m from venezuela.

hopefully, i will live some years more learning new languages and cultures in general, and i’m going to die after discovering something important.

things like religion, relationships and moral aspects are just too long to be written here or, at least, the way i want them to be written: properly.

you can write to me if you have any doubts or simply if you want to talk, and i will do my best at writing the answer.

this text will be constantly changing according to my mood (which is extremely random due to my cancer-heart), and also according to the situations i will be living (and they are more interesting, i promise, because that relies on my intj-brain).