Save Furnace Mountain

Furnace Mountain

We're a group dedicated to preventing a proposed open-pit limestone quarry on Furnace Mountain in Powell County, Kentucky. Furnace Mountain is a beautiful, peaceful place on which families have lived for generations. The wildlife and views are second to none. Not only would a quarry threaten many of the people's ways of life, but the stability of the mountain itself, a fragile Karst topography, would be in danger of systematic collapse. Endangered species of plant and animal life that call Furnace Mountain home... their lives too hang in the balance. Please join us to inform and educate everyone about the dangers of such an operation. Health, road, possible sinkhole loss of homes, graveyards, wells, springs, gas wells and more. No dollar amount can be placed on the happiness or safety of all its residents.

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    • Home of many species and their human neighbors.
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    • Eons.