Maine Furniture Repair

Portland Maine

If the furniture in your home, business office or establishment is damaged or showing signs of age, look no further than Furniture Repair Services of Maine. Our skilled team has decades of experience providing Maine with a variety of furniture restoration services. For residential furniture repair services in Maine we offer chair upholstery on both newer and antique chairs. This service restores the beauty and comfort of your chairs, making them more durable so your family can continue to enjoy them. We also offer table repair, restoring the wood to its natural quality by removing scratches, dents, and cracks. Our leather restoration service is a great option to improve the durability and appearance of your worn or ripped leather furniture. We are happy to also offer restaurant furniture repair, working around your busy schedule to make your chairs, booths, and tables look great for your customers. Office furniture repair is also available, keeping your staff comfortable and saving you from the high cost of replacing desks and office chairs.
When considering your furniture replacement options, you have choices. Replacement can be costly and stressful and you may regret letting go of antique furniture that was once sturdy and beautiful. Furniture Repair Service of Maine can save you time and money, allowing you to enjoy your restored furniture for years to come.

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