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Large teak chairs and luxurious impression is commonly called " teak chair Barselona size 4 2 1 1 " by the seller . It is so called because there are 4 seats of different sizes . The following specifications :

outdoor teak furniture Puisi cinta Merchandise alfamart Fatwahati Luxury patio furniture

Largest size has a length of 3.5 meters is called 4 seat or seating for four people . But instead can be occupied by five people you know .. pretty big right .
The second measure 1.7 meters in length called a 2 seat or seating for 2 people .
The smallest size there are two pieces with a size of 1 meter for 1 person .

In peketnya chairs are 1 " 4 seat " , 1 piece seat " seat 2 " , 2 chairs " one seat" , 2 small tables and 1 large table .

The price offered varies , depending on the type of wood , finishing , and fabric used . For Barselona seat 4 2 1 1 , the price ranges from Rp . 15 million to 35 million .

Before buying this seat , you should pay attention to the size , because the placement of the chairs in the room should be large , at least 4 x 6 square meters . Do not want it , so get the seat can not be installed at home , eh even make the room cramped .

There are two entrances in the house, that is the entrance to the garage and the other to the parking area on the premises. However, guests can enter through any door because there is a parking area in front of the house.

Garden with many varieties of flowers angrek, waves of love and a variety of ornamental flowers and plants that impact shady palm and view asri at home.

Profile ornaments
There are many ornaments on a decorative profile listplang house and fence. Profile created decorative arches and the resultant yellow lines and ivory and dark red. Looks very consistent, visible from the use of color and decoration of the same profile around the house.

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