US Made Furniture

In order for a furniture manufacturer to be considered a "Made in the US" company they must demonstrate that they, bearing these certification, have gone through a rigorous supply chain audit to confirm agreement with US laws and regulations. Consumers know that when they see these seals that the claim has been established, tested, and is true, which allows consumers peace of mind and confidence in their purchases while also giving companies a powerful marketing/branding tool to reach customers.

To establish aptitude for the MADE in USA CERTIFIED Seal, or PRODUCT of USA CERTIFIED Seal, products must be fully audited by an independent team and certified as having "all or virtually all of their core components manufactured or grown in the United States of America". Additionally, 100% of their assembly must be verified as conducted in the USA (also known as "substantial transformation" according to the Buy American Act). 100% of the core components, as well as 100% of the assembly, must be conducted in the United States.

In order to receive the seal, a business must demonstrate that all labor is provided exclusively from within the United States. From the boardroom to the mailroom, including everything like legal, accounting, and call centers, the business must have utilized the talent and improved the quality of those living here in the United States. Buy Star Quality Office Furniture Orion Left Ped & Keyboard Tray for 48w x24w Return, pedestal desks, and other discount office supplies at