furqan mohamed

Student, Writer, and poet in Toronto, ON, Canada

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Born and raised in Toronto, seventeen-year-old Furqan Mohamed is a student and writer. Published online and in print, she tackles big ideas for young people just like her with her work. Her poetry and essays can be found in Ephemera Magazine, Vault Zine, FEELS Zine, Pure Nowhere’s First Edition in print, Mimp Magazine, to name a few. For all online screams into the void, read her on the sites of Guided Mag, Teen Eye, Pure Nowhere, Amaliah Online, Affinity Magazine and other cool spaces.

She also enjoys using poetry, spoken word and prose as mediums to express views on feminism and identity. Her truest love, however, is social commentary and all things political- because let’s face it, almost everything is. When she's not putting pen to paper, she fancies all things satire and spicy foods.