Furqan M. Mehmood

The school of hard knocks has always been the best teacher for me. The most effective lessons in life weren't taught to me in a classroom setting or by a business professor, but by making mistakes, getting knocked down, let down and back stabbed. The college did teach me how the business world operates but life and experiences taught me the reality of things. Life taught me to take bull by its horns, but more than once those horns did cause some serious damage. I always admire those who are not ashamed to admit that they are weak but never let their weaknesses decide their destiny. We as humans have an uncanny ability to survive and thrive. I believe each one of us has been designed to be a winner, not a loser. So let's always keep hoping for the best even when hopelessness surrounds us like a dark night. Always remember that right before the dawn, night is always at its darkest.