Furqan Rizwan

Karachi, Pakistan

Well....writing something abt someone is always a tedious task coz life itself is a learning process... on its way it teaches u manything abt urself that u dunno.. basically i m still discoverin myself.. All I can say is--> I m an easygoing,cool,humble & down 2 earth person...A simple yet an extra ordinary type... hmmm...ppl tend 2 hype a lot abt me..I hate dat a lot(k sumetimes i really like it..lolz)...m not a conventional guy like very sweet n cute types...I do blive in relationships n friendships...have got a huge passion 4 muzic.. humor is a very large part of my life...luv to hang out with friends...bit careless sumtimes clumsy n absentminded... I do admire people who are religious...but hate spiritual fanatics... Thank u for checking my profile .

  • Work
    • TradeKey.com
  • Education
    • Shaheen Public School Campus III
    • Hamdard University, Karachi.