The Furry Dogmother

The Furry dogmother offers dog grooming in Wigan, You can find out our address and the opening times by accessing our website. Whatever questions you might have, contact us by sending us an enquiry. The enquiry form is right there on our website in the "Contact us". Choose the best dog groomer Wigan so that your dog can benefit from the best treatment in town!

You can choose whichever service you want from the vast range of services regarding dog grooming Wigan, such as ear cleaning, eye cleaning, nails clipping, handstripping, hair cut and much more. Moreover, we put at your disposal self service bath stations where you can bathe your dog. If you are living in an apartment, bathing your dog can be quite a challenge. Bring your dog here and we will show you to your own personal cubicle where you can will find hot water, shampoo, conditioner and a waterproof apron for you.