dog in Ennis, Ireland


dog in Ennis, Ireland

Date me

hi im charl and im pup :03

i'm 16 years old and i live in vacant hellscape (the west of irelan)

my bday is march 3rd.... remember it!!! >:3

im an nb trans girl?? nb but female leaning?? idk how 2 label my gender??she/it r my preferred pronouns but they is fine too!!!

im pan nd hypersexual (i'd almost class sex as lik a special interest i lov talking about it!!!! :3c) i'm also hyperromantic n poly n u should date me!!!!!

im otherkin!!! my primary kintypes r tibetan mastiffs nd great danes!!! but im kinda kin w most big dogs aahh idk i lov meeting other dogs a lot!!!! if u a pup hit me up!!! bark bark!!! :03

I'm also fictionkin with asuka from neon genesis evangelion and sadie from steven universe...

im neurodivergent (doctor diagnosed with aspergers, severe depression and anxiety and self diagnosed with bpd, dpd, avpd and ocpd)

my main special interest is domestic architecture!! i rly lov houses n apartments n interior design n everythin aaaaaa i especially lov tiny little apartments n rowhouses.... windows and floorplans r my weird specific interests i lov lookin at floorplans uhh.... i info dump about this stuff a lot as u can see :/3

i like cartoons n anime a lot!!! my favourites r steven universe, moral orel, rick and morty, revolutionary girl utena, neon genesis evangelion, dogtanian, sherlock hound, ginga densetsu weed (i'll watch any anime as long as it has cute pups :03)

i also like video games a lot!!! especially nintendo games!! my favourite series r zelda, animal crossing, pokemon n kirby :3 i also love minecraft a lot n u should play it with me!!!!!!

if u follow me anywhere i'd rly appreciate it if u like n comment on my posts bc i need validation n praise!!! giv it to me!! >:3

my skype is charlie_purtill n u should add me bc i lov talkin 2 new ppl!!!! :03

idk what else 2 put here??? idk i feel like this is a bad about but whatever!!!! me pup!!! :03