jill ☇

Filmmaker in New York

jill ☇

Filmmaker in New York

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HEY this is a quick temporary byf here we go

hi so my name is jill im 13 and im on team instinct

my ids are jade harley and tohru honda please dfi you kin with either of them

my kins are kotori minami, chihiro fujisaki, cucumber from cq and madoka kaname, and my pokekins are eevee and shaymin, doubles for any of these make me pretty uncomfortable so if you have a tag for them dont follow

i have a few super cool qpps who i love so much and my best friend ever is ali

i dont really know my gender or sexuality im workin on that but yeah just use she/her

it would mean a lot if you tagged mentions or pictures of the dont hug me im scared series they freak me out

also pls tag ny sort of gore or injury especially in the hand, mouth, or eye area

also i type in caps a lot so if that makes u uncomfy u probably shouldnt follow

also i love lin-manuel miranda and ethan payne

if we share any interest i would love to talk abt them with u

im in 8th grade

also i love being in plays and singing and sometimes i post vids of me singing even though i suck

uhhhhh i think thats it if u still wanna follow dm me a picture of anything hamilton related and ur age if its not in ur byf and ill most likely accept ur rq! tysm