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What types of futon mattress you should choose?

Have you ever known that which factors can affect the quality of your sleep? You can list out that the weather, hot or cold for example, the space of the room, the light or something like that. But, there is a thing that we would like to emphasize the importance of it to the sleep: type of futon mattress you choose. Yes, you are not miss-reading. Besides other things, mattress takes a necessary part to get comfortable at night. The problem here is: what types of futon mattress you should choose to ensure your sleep?

As you may know, mattress is a substantial cushion usually used as a bed or a part of bed in order to support the leaning back body. It may comprise of a knitted or likewise attached case, typically of fabric, cotton, feather or foam rubber. Sometimes, you also can find the futon mattress filled with air or even, water.

With the help of the most up-to-date technologies and the dramatic development in material industry, the mattress producers have launched a plenty of mattresses but mainly focus on four main types: memory foam mattress, spring mattress, hybrid mattress and latex mattress. Each type has its own pros and cons, and depending on your demand as well as your budget, you should consider to find the best suitable one for your home.

First of all, let’s take a look to memory foam mattress which is also called memory mattress. It is one of the most popular mattress in the market you can find. Originated from viscoelastic foam technology that NASA used for making airplane seats, this kind mattress comprises basically of polyurethane and some additional chemicals to increase its density and is appreciated with its flexibility and softness. Due to this outstanding feature, it makes people comfortable, offers greater posture support to your back and pressure point up to about 80%, lower the impact of motion transfer.

In comparison with other types of mattress, memory foam mattress is not very expensive, about $200 but you will be impressed by its durability. According to the website Myessentia, this foam can lasts longer than 5 years with minimal loss of support.

Spring mattress, also known as coil mattress, is introduced in the late 19century and particularly popular in the US. It is cheaper than other types of mattress but does not mean that the quality of it is not good.