Fyza Ali

Actor in Dubai

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Fyza Ali, the founder and creator of highly acclaimed "Buffing Technique is a presumed and renowned Makeup Artist. She is making all the big news these days for her exquisite make up skills and accomplishments. Fyza is also recognized for being a big Instagram Star and further act as an influencer to help millions of people with her amazing beauty tips.

Kick starting her dream journey at a young age

Ms. Fyza Ali Dubai was born on 22nd August, 1992 in London, England and finished her schooling from London. Since her adolescence, she has been dynamic in the field of makeup and related techniques. She is indulged in random makeup activities since she is 15 years, in spite of the fact that she was exceptionally engaged towards her schooling and ambitions at the same time. Fyza Ali further went ahead to study English in the UK yet at the same time she took out time to do makeup for most of the models around that were participating in various events.

During her school days itself, she was indulged in makeup activities for London fashion week models. Moreover, Fyza self-designed the Bridal Makeup in the UK for both Middle East and south Asian women. Consistently, Fyza's secured some immense popularity as most of the members of the Royal family turned into her regular clients. Be that as it may, hr efforts kept on going as she joined makeup classes in the UK to improve her makeup skills.

During one of her makeup classes in 2014, Fyza Ali established the world renowned "Buffing Technique" which is being pursued by various Supermodels, Celebrities and Royal Families. Subsequent to gathering some big popularity, Fyza moved to Kuwait to gather with her loved ones yet she didn't give up her on her efforts towards the same domain. In fact, she began utilizing Social Media to promote and advocate her makeup work and various techniques. Through her constant efforts, she has now been included the Top Makeup Artist List and ever since helped a big number of people around.

From that point, Fyza Ali chose to move to Dubai with her sister Sonia Ali, A well-recognized Makeup and Fashion Blogger and the two of them made it into the Fashion, beauty, skin care and lifestyle world within no time. Fyza and Sonia both began utilizing social media to promote their work with new and distinctive makeup looks while recommending some best tips to their millions of followers.