Gabe Schwartz

analyst in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Gabe Schwartz

analyst in Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Among other things, I do public policy research at Abt Associates, focusing on low-income people's access to community and government resources as well as the impact of those resources. Hopefully, that effort will help people empower themselves to build happier, healthier lives. Geospatial, quantitative, & qualitatitve.

Recent work includes:

- Geospatial analysis of the Healthy Incentives Pilot, investigating whether the impact of a monetary incentive to purchase fruits and vegetables for SNAP participants differed in food deserts (see our article in the Huffington Post)

- Assessing the adequacy of Maine's affordable housing for seniors and projecting how much that need will grow by 2022 (see the Portland Press Herald's coverage of the report)

- Showing how transportation planning impacts RI's low-income workers at CUPUM

- Helping to develop a state-wide food plan for MA as a member of the Food Access, Security, and Health working group

- Understanding how a partnership between Federal and local government could help build a more responsive federal workforce using qualitative methods

I've also worked as:

/ a family health advocate at Health Leads Providence (connecting families to resources they need to address the social determinants of their health)

/ a sexual assault prevention peer educator

/ a queer student organizer

+ making maps, botany, & infographics.

  • Work
    • Analyst @ Abt Associates
  • Education
    • Brown University (BA Human Biology, BA Sociology)