Maria Gabriela Iasparra (C.O)

Mechanics of Body Movement

Individual and group sessions focused on discovering the body's anatomic organization in movement

The proposal of these sessions is to improve the possibilities of mobility through the work on:

. the interaction between motor and nervous systems

. breathing

. the geometry of the body in a gravitational axis

. the mechanics of joints

. the consciousness of the body matter on space.

The main axis is to discover how the fractioned aspects of each movement are anchored in the fascia that connects the whole body.

Body Therapy

These sessions integrate my osteopathic experience with a focus on the impediments of the body in movement.

My work is based on a manual therapy aiming at an expansion of the spaces of internal micro-mobility of the body. This is combined with the diagnosis and treatment of the obstructions and lessions on the body movement capabilities. The aim is to develop, on the integration of therapy and training, a structural re-organization of corporal tissues, that improves the person's consciousness of mobility on everyday life.

-At home sessions or in practice -

Maria Gabriela Iasparra is graduate in Osteopathic Clinic from the I.A.O. (Argentine Institute of Osteopathy). She studied Cranio-Sacral Therapy in the Upledger Institute international courses, Visceral Manipulation at the Barral Institute and Biodinamic Therapy with Carole Dumais (D.O.) She has also carried out studies in diverse body therapies including G.P.R. (Global Postural Reeducation), Yoga and Anatomy applied to Movement with Blandine Calais-Germain.

She specialized in the work with performers and dancers. She has devoted her life to the work with dance and the investigation of anatomical issues within the deployment of movement.

She holds a vast experience in the work with dance and movement professionals, and is part of the performance training programe of LEM (Buenos Aires).

Mobile: 0639831656


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