Gabrielle Bourne

VC/BC/HC/Media in London, United Kingdom

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Ten things that make me powerful beyond measure, seize the day (carpe diem), Live life to the fullest and laugh at the keystone cops.


01. I am an Investor and Social Entrepreneur.

02. I am a Maximiser who sees the big picture and know where all the components fit.

03. I am a Relator who lives in the now, but honours my past and preps for tomorrow.

04. I am a Transactor who is financially solvent, debt poor, thrifty, socially conscious and culturally adept.

05. I am an Enigma to all those who buy and sell personal data because I believe #privacymatters and #integritymatters!

06. I am an animal and human rights "advocate" but also a carnivore, wear leather & fur and believe terrorists have no rights.

07. I believe TRANSPARENCY does not mean you have to spill your guts. "Loose lips sink ships" and most humans can't be trusted.

08. I believe EXPOSING inept, lazy, useless, fraudulent and predatory businesses, organisations and people should be on everyone's "to do list."

09. I started university at 16, investing at 13, started a business at 20, visited 18 countries, lived in four continents and believe milestones, achievements and responsible citizenship are "personal choices."

10. I conduct social experiments because I can see patterns in all things and experiences shape my resolve to make SMARTer choices.

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