Gabrielle Jones

Business English Language and Communication Traine in Germany

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I'm a qualified language and communication training expert, with 15 years' experience in developing and delivering corporate language programmes. The job has taken me to Ecuador, Spain and Germany where I've predominantly taught and coached business English and ESP in multinational companies.

As a virtual content developer for the British Council I produce high quality training material for online business English programmes. I specialise in ESP and technical English and am an active member of the EFL teaching community in and around Ulm, where I am based as Training Manager at O'Connor Language and Communication. In this role I am responsible for the professional development of over 40 training staff as well as for project management of a large corporate training programme, ensuring the effective planning and execution of tailor-made training.

As a member of ELTAU, IATEFL and BESIG I am an active teacher trainer and frequently present at national and international events. My main areas of interest are professional communication, technical English, intercultural small talk and language and culture.