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The Gadget Concierge

Writer, Public Speaker, and Consultant in Albany, New York

Welcome, WBZ listeners!

Here are some of the gadgets I mentioned on the air:

-Crazybaby Mars levitating speaker

-Here Active Listening System

-ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet

-MyCharge HubPlus portable charger

-Energous WattUp

-Ehang 184 autonomous drone taxi

-Eero home Wi-Fi mesh network

-Savant remote control

-Muse meditation assistant

-Crosley Radio

-Orange Whip golf trainer

-Bushnell Golf watch and range finder

-ScottEVest Camp Shirt

-Bevy photo organizer

-Biem butter sprayer

-Invoxia Triby speaker with Amazon Alexa

Any I missed? Any other gadget questions? Mention you heard me on the Jordan Rich Show to receive a free consultation (helping you find the right gadget at the best price).

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