The Gadget Concierge

Welcome, WBZ listeners and TI members!

Here are some of the gadgets I mentioned in my recent presentations:

-SeV Sport Coat (with all the pockets)

-Luci Aura - inflatable color-changing solar lantern

-Thermal's Compact - infrared imaging smartphone accessory

-Cobra JumPack - world's smallest car jumpstarting battery

-Muse - meditation assistant

-Huawei TalkBand B2 - fitness bracelet/Bluetooth headset

-AfterShokz - bone conduction headphones

-Torque t402v - customizable headphones

-SkyRoam - international hotspot, $10/day for unlimited data

-HTC Re - compact HD video camera

-PicoPro - handheld laser projector

-KumbaCam - electronic smartphone camera stabilizer

-Bevy - digital photo organizer

Any I missed? Any other gadget questions? Mention you heard me on the Jordan Rich Show to receive a free consultation (helping you find the right gadget at the right price for you).