Gaëtan Chekaiban

Art Director, Artist, and Photographer in Brussels and all over the world

Born in Dubai in 1988 and arrived in Belgium at the age of 5 photography and media started to interest me when I turned 18. My IHECS Master degree helped me to develop new forms of messages in term of communicative challenges. It also helped me to build a strong opinion about communication issues.

Me in 5 points :

1) I have 10 years of multi-field experience : portraits, documentary, lifestyle, corporate, storytelling photography, fashion. I am very flexible and understand quickly the photographical desires of my clients.

2) I make pictures in order to develop a communication around a subject. I think before I shoot.

3) After 10 years I am still super motivated and passionated. I always want to go further and get better.

4) I have no technical limits.

5) I want to put all my intellectual and photographical knowledge at your disposal in order to build positive communication about the human condition to create a better world.

As a human being I'd like to understand life.
As a photographer I'd like to understand humans.
As a media communicator I'd like to bring other people to enlightenment.

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    • IHECS Master, ASCEP section. Specialised in the media education