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I founded WOW TALKS in 2009 to inspire students, graduates and professionals to follow their dreams to make a living by doing what they absolutely love. I believe passion is contagious. Today WOW Talks is a growing active community that generates events and content in London, New York and around the World.

I am an autodidact and a polymath. I turn my insights from researching the human sciences such as psychology, anthropology, history and philosophy; into practical educational modules. these are designed to enhance the key skills of the 21st century: self-awareness; self-management; emotional intelligence; intercultural competence. I help my students to design inspiring and fulfilling lives by aligning their professional direction with their unique values, talents and purpose.

iDiscover Core is my flagship program. it is a cutting edge personal/professional development program that I teach around the World. You are welcome to join it.

I am an explorer of people and cultures, and have traveled to more than 72 different countries. I use photography to explore and demonstrate cultural conditioning & cultural diversity, where I try to capture the essence of an individual’s identity in a single image. You can view my images from around the world, and read my insights about identity on my website (launching soon). You are welcome to join my programs or expeditions to explore yourself, and the world we live in.

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