Gala Moiseenkova

Born in Russia in 1986, lives in Budapest (Hungary).
Speaks: Russian, English, Polish.

1993-2001 - Musical school / piano, vocal (Russia)
2003-2007 - BA in Philology and Journalism (Russia)
2003-2008 - MA in Russian Philology with English (Poland)


2008-present - founder / musician / singer / songwriter in The 4Colours music band

2009 music compilation for Mercedes-Benz (Germany)

2010 "Best female vocalist" award / Radio Maximum (Russia)

2010 Music contests finalists (Emergenza, Metro on Stage, A1 Undeground Act)

2011 OST for a TV-show "Barvikha 2. Zolotye" (Russia)

2011-present - solo music project Galoo

music collaboration with Singular (d'n'b, dubstep, electro)

Beady Eye's cover contest winner (meeting with Liam Gallagher, Russia)


2010-present - freelance journalist / contemporary art & music analyst for TheSpot (Russia)
2011-present - freelance journalist for Look At Me (Russia)


June-July 2010 - Roots&Routes (Hungary): contemporary art workshops
July 2010 - VOLT festival (Hungary): R&R / art presentation, stage performance
May 2011 - "Bible as a PR campaign" for Creative Week (Hungary)
June 2011 - "Der Weg nach Oben" / "Way to the Top" art expo (Germany / Hungary) / model
July 2011 - "Hello Summer!" photo project (Hungary) / model