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Christian Gammill

Los Angeles CA

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I'm a passionate builder of things - a product guy and data nerd at heart. I've been a chemist, a strategist, a marketer and an entrepreneur. I love creating products, working with customers and buliding teams.

I'm Cofounder and Managing Director at Technicolor Ventures. We’ve been busy since we started in 2014. I've had a fun & varied career since the day I started working (at the ripe age of 13):

- I’ve helped local farmers get higher corn yields - detasseling rocks.

- I’ve helped a shoe chain sell more Starter jackets & Jordans - it was the 90s.

- I’ve helped a Chemistry professor do cool things with NMR and Xrays - nerd alert

- I’ve helped get important antibiotic drugs to market - more nerd alert.

- I’ve helped big pharma think about better solutions for pain management - NAP3.

- I’ve helped one of the worlds most heralded & valuable brands turn around - IBM.

- I’ve helped America figure out how to be more competitive & innovative - in 2003.

- I've helped companies large & small tap into India, China, Africa & the Middle East.

- I’ve helped web & mobile startups get out of the garage - its getting easier.

- I’ve helped a few startup CEOs get out of their own way - painful but fun.

- I’ve launched my own startups - this is the most fun and pain.

- I've co-founded a venture fund...

Lets work our asses off and go make stuff that matters...

  • Work
    • Technicolor Ventures
  • Education
    • University of Michigan