Ganesh Kumar

Executive Leadership - People Management, - Technical Product Management - Data Science, and - Engineering - Venture Investing in New York

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Experienced cross-functional executive (investor + operator) with expertise in scaling ideas and people using technical product management, engineering, data science analytics, strategy, growth, finance, and operations. You can reach me via my website or email at gkumar [AT] alumni [DOT] cmu [DOT] edu


• Executive Leadership and People Management

• Product Engineering

• Technical Product Management and Development

• Data Science, Analytics, and Engineering

• Venture Capital

• Trading & Research

• Financial Engineering

• Strategy Consulting

• Software Engineering

• Nonprofit Management

  • Work
    • Amazon, Ring, On Deck, AMEX
  • Education
    • Carnegie Mellon University
    • The Ross School of Business at University of Michigan
    • Stevens Institute of Technology