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gao sensen

Filmmaker, Director, and Mother in 青岛市, 中国

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How to solve scare mink lashes condition

If the mink lashes scarce girl mascara only difficult to change the status,(For more information on 3d mink eyelashesgo to is time to consider the false mink lashes. Because false mink lashes can make up for the shortcomings of mink lashes, mink lashes to enhance the density. False mink lashes can be divided into single type, natural type, thick type and drama type, in which the thick and exaggerated mink lashes generally appear in late makeup or stage makeup.

Step1.The entire length of the false mink lashes trimmed slightly shorter than the liner, root lashes in the false mink lashes glue, do not apply too much, wait a few seconds, until the eyelash glue sixty-seven into the dry, the most sticky .

Step2.Eyes slightly down to reveal his mink lashes roots, pick up the left eye false mink lashes, mink lashes aligned at the root, the first sticky outside, and then stick with the right hand sticky inside, pay attention to the root must be affixed, so it looks real. Be sure to leave a gap between the inner corner of the eye to prevent the corner of the eye.

Method1:Draw eyebrow

Use of products: Eyebrow pencil For the crowd: eyebrows shortage, eyebrows too thin, eyebrow failure Eyebrows hair from the combination of hair, so should be along the direction of the hair growth of a stroke similar to the real hair, so that there will be hairy The natural texture, you can practice on paper. The lower edge of the eyebrow is darker in color, making the eyebrows appear darker and deeper.(Follow website of (DIOR LASHES) and you will pretty soon)

Method2: SUMI eyebrows

Use of products: Eyebrow powder For the crowd: eyebrows complete, but eyebrow light brow powder can play a direct effect of blooming, eyebrows will look hairy. Operate faster than the eyebrow pencil to be much easier, and eyebrow powder can also play a fixed makeup, to extend the effect of eyebrow makeup. But for people with eyebrows defect is not suitable, should be used eyebrow pencil to make up, and then use eyebrow powder smudges.

Use of products: Dye eyebrow cream for the crowd: brow color light, (Check out Different kinds of 3d mink lashes at Different kinds too dark for too dark eyebrows or over the crowd.