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Follow this DIY Garage Organising Guide to get rid of clutter and keep a safe and clean garage. Storage in your garage keeps your car much cleaner and could help prolong your life. Organisational experts estimate that only 30 per cent of us park our cars in the garage and only 20 per cent at home.

The organization of your garage does not mean that you have to use every wall for storage, you can only use one wall and create the space you need to store practically everything. These garage ideas will help you get rid of everything you don't need and store it in the garage.

A metal cabinet and shelves are a good start, but you can add all the items that need a permanent home. Plastic cups that can be picked up in 1 / 3 '' 'are a great way to organize tools and other items. Label your shopping baskets with labels like "Tools" or "Basket" and a few other labels like "Clothes," "Laundry" and so on.

If you have lots of bicycles, garden tools or other large items in your garage, organize them by simply hanging them on the wall. These hooks are relatively easy to install, even if you have concrete walls, and can be used to keep the garage messy - free.

The use of wall space is a great way to keep things organised and still have space to park. If you have little or no space to park your car, it helps to tidy up and organize.

You can hang baskets and small containers on hooks to put away small objects or hang up whirlboards that are really cheap in this way. You can create more space and hang a whirlboard (which is really cheap) on the wall.

An inexpensive wall organizer is a good choice if you have a bunch of small objects that you want to hang this way, but do not behave in such a way that they do not get stuck. From adding a splash of color to brighten up a boring garage, we have just a few tips to help you organize and clean your area. So simple that you want to brag about it when you're done.

You can make your tools a little more organized and get them off the ground by simply cutting a slot into which they can enter. You only need a few pieces of wood and a few nails and can build it yourself or get it off the ground.

If you have a blank wall in your garage, you can put it up simply by hanging something on the wall. You can also clean the garage space by adding a few shelves or even just a few pieces of plywood or wood.