Gareth Bryant

Brroklyn, New York

Gareth Bryant has:

1. Been featured in Muslim Quarterly Magazine

2. Been nominated as one of the 40 Under 40, sponsored by Modest Beautiful Magazine, recognizing & celebrating the most influential Muslims in the world, under the age of 40, which has been featured in the February 2012 edition of Modest Beautiful Magazine.

3. Participated as a finalist in the Lyrical Art online Poetry Slam: The Sahaba Edition in 2011, hosted by Boonaa Mohammed & Ammar AlShukry.

4. Nominated for & received Second-Place (Honorable Mention) for "Best Writer", for the 8th & 9th annual Brass Crescent Awards, an international writing contest, which celebrates the Islamosphere/Muslim-Blogsphere.

5. Performed at a poetry-slam showcase at Stony Brook University, called "Outspoken: Write Out Loud", in 2011

6. Participated as a finalist, in the 1st. Lyrical Art online Poetry-Slam in 2011, hosted by Boonaa Mohammed & Ammar Alshukry.

7. Performed various poems at the 34th. & 35th. annual Islamic Circle of North America Convention, in Hartford, CT, in 2009 & 2010.

8. Spoke on the Revert's-Panel of the 36th. annual Islamic Circle of North America Convention, in Hartford, CT, in 2011.

9. Spoke on the Conver(t)sations Revert's-Panel at the 2nd. annual Islamic Center of NYU
Conference, in New York City, in 2011.

10. Guest-lectured for Professor Jeremy Walton's Islamic-Studies classes at New York University.

11. Has written for & currently writing for the following:
1. VerbalMuslim (an online website, that serves as a think-tank for Muslims & Muslim-Youth especially)
2. Staff-Writer/Editor of advertising for Virtue Center, an art & technological company
3. MBMuslima (Modest Beautiful Muslima) Magazine
4. Aftab (the official Muslim editorial for New York University)
5. Drops of Knowledge Newsletter
6. One Voice Muslim Youth Newspaper
7. InFocus News
8. Muslimanity Magazine
9. got wudu? The official magazine of M.E.C.C.A. Center (M.uslim E.ducation and C.onverts C.enter of A.merica)
10. Ilm Seekers (an Islamic website that focuses on religious/academic-empowerment of Muslims)

11. Taqwa Magazine

12. Islamic Lifestyle Magazine

12. Been featured in Muslims in the West (an online biographical photo blog, highlighting successful, members of the global Muslim-Community

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