Gareth Howe

Project Manager and Team Leader in Manchester, United Kingdom

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I have been in the computer software industry for over 25 years and I drive to help engage and motivate individuals in my teams through which we deliver the results our customers and the business needs.

The primary school I attended was one of the first in the country to get a computer (a Commodore PET) and my love of computers was born. Following using computers at home and at school my natural progression was to complete a BSc Computer Science degree at the University of Manchester.

During my time at college and university I also DJ’d which was fun and gave me some money but never enough for it to be considered as career.

Following that my first professional role was in 1994 writing financial software for accountants to run on DOS, before progressing to Windows applications with the advent of Windows95. I spent my software development life writing applications in Clarion, C and Delphi before progressing to be a project and people leader with a keen focus on ensure the people on the team were engaged and motivated in order to deliver the results the customers and business wanted.

My focus is help individuals and teams identifywhat they want to achieve and helping them find ways to achieve it and learnalong the way. I believe this is the best way to help them deliver the businessresults needed, move towards their personal goals and develop both team andindividual capabilities.
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    • Sage Software
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    • University of Manchester