Gareth Wong

Founder/CEO of GamBond®, (creating new billion/trillion $ financial vertical) (essentially we guarantee companies that DO Not fail by monitoring their cash flow vs outstanding risks vs market & industry benchmark) Yup, provide a real alternative for companies of being rated, listed or audited.

Strategist: Board Advisor to mid market firms to capitalise on cross industry niches from devising strategy to market expansions (from Financial, FMCGs, to social gaming gambling TV/ Entertainment industries).

Doer: we can achieve anything once decided where we need to go, with my extensive network of senior trusted contacts worldwide

non profit Exclusive CXO Network Europe/Asia,,

non profit E/MBA Club for City/Cass MBA alumni, Gaming sector( Gambit special interest group, Gaming Technology Forum)

** Please Note ** I am pretty much an offline relationship guy. By all means, get in touch, I don't promise I can answer all of you but I will try. On Linkedin & facebook, please meet me before sending any connection requests, as I ignore all except those people I have met/know & get to trust offline in the past years.