Gareth Wong

Gareth Wong

Founder/CEO of GamBond®, (creating new billion/trillion $ financial vertical) (essentially we guarantee companies that DO Not fail by monitoring their cash flow vs outstanding risks vs market & industry benchmark) Yup, provide a real alternative for companies of being rated, listed or audited.

Personal Mission: Shift the world's narrative to a goal oriented, directional #FixTheWorld

(instead of only trying to ChangeTheWorld or becoming ChangeAgent only, we need more! Surely, the world have changed, but sadly mostly for the worst so far! Yes, there are many great initiatives but sadly are fixing symptoms & not the causes! ).

We must therefore devise the right Catalyst to empower everyone to play a role in Fixing:

1) Finance

2) Ethics

and most importantly

3) Incentives

It is not easy, but we all can start by doing these 3 simple steps:

A.) #AskTheRightQuestions,

B.) #AnalyseTheAnswers+Devise solutions/directions


C.) #DoTheRightThing.

What are your first questions?



* CXO Networker: My hobby was creation of this exclusive private network for pre-qualified CXO from all industry verticals worldwide, no vendors, no speakers, no sponsors, just pure meetings between "qualified" CXOs. min. CEO of firms with US$5m+/£3m+ profit, ultimate confidant ecosystem

Regions I have experiences in: EMEA & Asia Pacific

non profit E/MBA Club for City/Cass MBA alumni, Gaming sector( Gambit special interest group, Gaming Technology Forum)

** Please Note ** I am pretty much an offline relationship guy. By all means, get in touch, I don't promise I can answer all of you but I will try. On Linkedin & facebook, please meet me before sending any connection requests, as I ignore all except those people I have met/know & get to trust offline in the past years.