Muhammad Algarhy

Lubbock, Texas

I’m an alien spirit continuously struggling to behave and react like humans.
I have great passion to human capital development. A believer that human capital is the most valuable wealth of any nation & most undervalued capital in many developing regions including the Arab world.
Recently, I’ve become more interested in social entrepreneurship, while many entrepreneurs are seeking their billion dollars idea, I’m seeking an idea that will improve one billion lives
My greatest passion is using my native logic for “Value Creation”.
I’ve always followed a three-step technique to run my entire life, it is simply “Observe, Analyse, and Improve”; professionally, it's been proven to be successful in many roles like business development, marketing, entrepreneurship, general management/ leadership.
While most human brains are hardwired to do specific tasks and get experienced by repetition, mine is hardwired to solve novel problems and usually gets bored by repetition.
You can think of me as a powerful processor, you will benefit from the power regardless of which applications you are running.
I’m an Egyptian technology entrepreneur, mentor, and consultant with more than 15 years of experience; you can learn more about my professional experience through my LinkedIn profile
I'm also a professional fellow of University of Michigan and US Department of State, an MBA holder, and has a bachelor degree in civil engineering from Cairo University.

  • Education
    • Mba, Marketing
    • Engineering